Happy Visitors

Our events have had many happy visitors who enjoyed the festivities and a variety of delicious food from the Indo-Pak region.

“Great variety of food, from lamb curry to chilli chicken, all at good prices.


“The seating was comfortable, and the area was kept clean. Loved the biryani, and it was affordable.


“Enjoyed the chilli chicken and the variety of cakes. The event was well-organized, and the henna prices were reasonable.


“The dahi bhallay and rabri were amazing. Great to hang out with friends in such a vibrant setting. Cleanliness was impressive.


It was an amazing event I am so glad I was able to participate in it!”


“Really liked the lamb curry, and Ravi Kumar’s live music added a great vibe.”


“I’m still thinking about the amazing food I had at the Indo-Pak Food Festival. The spices, the flavours, everything was just perfect. Can’t wait for next year’s event!”


“A big well done to the whole team who worked day and night to make the event yesterday a very successful event. Your hard work and commitment made the whole fest reach another level. A big shoutout to all the lovely girls on the lucky dip stall. They stood there tirelessly for the whole time and made it a great success. None of the girls took any breaks and were smiling all the way through. With kids like them, we have a bright future.”


“Amazing event!! Such a success. Huge congratulations to the organisers, participants and a big thank you to all those who turned and contributed so generously 🤗🤗🤗🤗 proud to be part of this event.”


“It was a great event today😊. We all had a nice time. Plenty of food. A great variety. Musical entertainment and other activities. The volunteers were very friendly and helpful.”


“The Indo-Pak Food Festival was such a great experience! The organizers clearly put a lot of effort into making it a fun and enjoyable event, and the food was just amazing. I’ll definitely be back!”


“I had an incredible time at the Indo-Pak Food Festival in Eastleigh! The food was delicious!


“I’ve never experienced such a vibrant and festive atmosphere as I did at the Indo-Pak Food Festival. The music, the decor, and the food all came together to create an unforgettable experience.”


“Madam Mayoress and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Indo-Pak Food Festival. It was fascinating to learn about the different types of cuisine and to have an opportunity to taste some of the delicacies on offer. We also thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment on offer, including the wonderful singer, and having a chance to join in the dancing! Thank you for the kind invitation.”

Southampton Mayor’s office

“The rabri and dahi bhallay were my favorites. A great spot to meet friends and enjoy good food on a budget.”


“The music set a great mood, and the chapli kebabs were delicious. The festival was well-handled.”


“Loved the ghol and the virgin mojito was just right. The effort put into the festival was evident.”


“My kids couldn’t get enough of the mango and paan ice cream, and they loved the free face painting.”


“Live music created a memorable experience.”


“The chapli kebab and biryani were fantastic, good prices too. Comfortable seating area.”


The event was great. Very well attended. A great variety of delicious food. I was veryimpressed. The only improvement could be more activities that aren’t food. But I know this is the trickiest thing to think up and organise! I don’t really have ideas to contribute I’m afraid. Brilliant event.”


“Loved being part of this event. Amazing atmosphere, yummy food and meeting some lovely old and new friends as well. Hats off to all the hard work done by everyone.”


“Seeing the support, we received from all the volunteers was amazing. Hats off to them for managing the parking and long queue during the cold weather.”


“Wow, I am speechless,  seriously,  such an awesome arrangement and an extremely well-organised event, with no chaos on stalls. And I have to say amazing crowd, too.”

“I extremely loved and enjoyed being a part of this prestigious event and whatever little we could do to help the cause. Every good karma counts.”


“A massive congratulations and well done to each and every person who organised this fantastic event! It was beautifully managed, from the stall arrangements to the quality (and quantity of food) to the live singing performance which was a huge hit and created such a lively atmosphere. Even the Mayor was dancing away to the tunes! The food was so delicious, and there were happy smiles everywhere. Thank you very much for such a memorable event, for such a good cause and for deepening the India-Pakistani friendship.”


“If you’re a foodie, you have to go to the Indo-Pak Food Festival. The range of dishes was incredible, and the flavors were so rich and delicious. Don’t miss out on this event!”


“I’m so glad I went to the Indo-Pak Food Festival – it was such a fun and tasty experience. There was something for everyone, and everything I tried was absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to go again!”


“I loved how family-friendly the Indo-Pak Food Festival was. There were plenty of activities for kids, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly.”